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We sell pure and quality kanna material.

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Welcome to Sceletium South-Africa

We provide information on Sceletium tortuosum and also sell from our online shop. You can buy Sceletium powder, tea cut / rough cut, pills and capsules.

Once we have received your order, we start processing the order within 48 hours.

Sceletium tortuosum Uses:

- Anti-depressant
- Combats Stress and helps to cope with it
- Uplifts your mood
- Peaceful sleeping
- Increases energy
- Decreases tension

Sceletium is mainly called Kanna - other names:

- kougoed
- channa
- nature's prozac

What is Sceletium tortuosum?

Many years ago, Kanna/Sceletium tortuosum was used by South African hunters and hunter-gatheres as a mood uplifter. The plant was first illustrated in 1685, although usage of the plant dates even further back to about 1662.

The plant used to be chewed, hence the name 'kougoed' in Afrikaans, as quid, then the saliva was swallowed. Bushmen used to put it in the ground underneath campfires and chewed the plant when it had been heated up by the coals of the fire. Kanna was used in the time of Jan van Riebeeck as an item of barter - records are found in the Castle of Cape Town.

Other methods of use are to elevate mood and fighting tension, stress and depression, was by brewing a tea tincture, inhaling it as a snuff and smoked, either on it's own, or making a brew with other herbs.

Sceletium dosage

In total, dosage should not exceed approximately 200mg per day. One should start off by taking about 50mg and gradually increasing the dosage, if found necessary, to the desired amount, but not exceeding 200mg.

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